Fun in the water….

We all like to have fun with water and you know that I have blogged lately about my recent trip to Florida and of course the beach. A few days back, I did a post about people on the beach and some of the things we all enjoy while on the beach. Of course, a trip to the beach can’t just be about the sun tanning or playing in the sand. A day at the beach is never complete unless we take the time to enjoy the water. There is so much to do on or in the water.  You can throw a frisbee, do some snorkelling, take a boat ride or maybe ride the waves on a seadoo? The list is endless really.

Here are a few shots of some folks enjoying different activities in the water…. Have a great rest of your Monday and thanks for the attention!


5 thoughts on “Fun in the water….

    1. Thanks… that was my wife running through the water and so I just started snapping away hoping to find one that worked and I thought this one really did because you only see her legs from the knee down but the shadow is full length and has an expression all its own!

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