A Quickie from my deck…

Hey everyone… I downloaded this WordPress app to my BlackBerry and well seeing as the weather is beautiful today I thought I would try a post from the app.

I am coming to you live from my back deck while I listening to some tunes (Jimmy Buffett) and entertain my friend from Mexico, Corona Extra. The weather is perfect today and up around 27C. I hope you are all having a great day. I went on a photo walk this morning so I should have some new stuff for you very soon. Thanks again for stopping by and have a drink on me.


4 thoughts on “A Quickie from my deck…

  1. uhhhh! am thirsty already! haven’t have the courage to install wordpress on my phone..I guess I’m afraid I’ll post crazy stuff..or too boring.. but am thinking about it..
    so cheers!!!

    1. I like it actually. You can check updates on your site, see who has made comments and see whats happening with the traffic to you blog.

  2. The app is a great way to capture the spontaneity of moments one otherwise wouldn’t post. Nice glimpse into the immediacy of a blogger’s life.

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