People on the Beach

This weekend marks the kick off to summer in my neck of the woods as we celebrate Victoria Day weekend or as we like to call it May “24” weekend (self-explanatory right?). Many people will be opening their cottages, getting their gardens in order and of course making their first trek to a beach this season. We all love the beach and we love it for many reasons. There is something about the water that just keeps us coming back.  What is it for you? I love to walk along the beach, my camera in hand and my iPod on my hip. To set the mood, I usually have some Jimmy Buffett music playing and of course an ice-cold beer is not far away.  As a photographer one has to have a keen sense of observation. I love to see the antics of those around me when out on a photo walk. While I was in Florida last week, I was able to observe a bunch of things as I did my daily 5K jaunt along the beach. What did I see? Well here is a bit of what I saw………. Have a great weekend everyone!

This guy is enjoying a little beach break as he checks out his text messages. Our cell phones never leave us now do they!

The retired life…. relaxing, some music and maybe a funny tan line from the head phone wires… enjoy your nap sir!

All ready to go… except the people were nowhere to be found?? I was struck by how neatly and aligned everything was arranged

So dear… do you think my boss has realized I am not at work yet?

Now these three women were so engaged in the view and their conversation they had know idea I was behind them clicking away. Can it get any better really?

Now this one is one of my favourites. This is Brian. He actually caught me snapping his picture, offered me a beer and told me a bit about himself. He is a retired U.S. Marine and is a local. He visits the beach every morning and proudly fly’s his Marine Corps flag. He had done 4 tours of duty in Iraq dating back to the Senior President Bush among many other tours. When I told him I was a Canadian he offered to fly the Canadian flag for me the next time he came to the beach. A great guy and I thanked him not only for the beer but for his service in protecting my right to freedom! Ya gotta love a Marine!  Tough as nails!

and last but certainly not least… whats a trip to the beach without getting your feet covered in sand (note to reader: these are not my feet!)


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