Weekly Photo Challenge – Blue

Hey all, I have been on hiatus the last few days and have not been able to post a thing and let me tell you its been killing me. As many of my followers know I was in Florida last week and just arrived back home on Sunday. A full day of travel and then of course with the arrival of Monday – reality! What has been even more bothersome is my daily stats on word press. They have been steadily declining over the last few days, not sure why outside of the obvious. No posts – no views… I mean all along I thought people just wanted to stop by and say hello…. :). Sheesh… talk about an awakening.

So I am now back and hopefully I will be able to spark some interest into my readers once again. I do have some great things planned for this blog over the next little while and creativity is just a bit slow but trust me its coming….. I have so many ideas.

Today, I offer you my first entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week. The theme is Blue. As a colour its my favourite and the color of my wifes eyes… (heart begins to beat fast).  I love the beach as many of you know. I snapped this in Madeira Beach and with a slight conversion to black and white, while maintaining the blues of the photo I present you with this. Thanks for coming back… I hope!


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