The Beach and the U.S Coast Guard

We have had some great weather so far since arriving in Madeira Beach. The sun has shone bright and our bodies are becoming ever so bronzed. Well, not mine. I tend to sit in the shade most of the time because I have just enough Irish in me that my reddish type hair and fair skin just love to turn that perfect red apple colour if I am in the sun too long. As well, the other Irish trait I have I enjoy having the beers on the pool deck. That of course, courtesy of my mothers side of the family, the Walsh’s!

Look at me going off on another tangent about stuff that has nothing to do with what I have chosen to share with you today. So let’s get back to the business at hand. As I said above, the weather has been great. Upper 80’s each day, the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico close to the same. Yesterday however, was very breezy and the winds were strong. The waves were a bit higher and well not really a great day to be out in the Gulf. I suppose if you liked to body surf or something like that it would have been great. So anyway as we were enjoying some poolside time, in the distance we could hear a Helicopter getting louder and closer. It headed straight over us and out toward the Gulf.  Another arrived maybe ten minutes behind the first. Off in the distance, I could see the Helicopter, which was a U.S Coast Guard hovering over the water and slowly dropping closer to the water. Out with my 300mm lens to get a better look. As I started to look through the viewfinder, I could see another boat just to the right of the hovering Coast Guard Helicopter. The waves were rocking this boat from side to side. It appeared to be a rescue. I snapped the following shots for you today.  You can see the activities of the Coast Guard in the distance. What I liked about these shots is the beach is oblivious to the trauma taking place a few miles off shore. You’ve got to love the Coast Guard… always keeping us safe!


5 thoughts on “The Beach and the U.S Coast Guard

  1. Having grown up on the Atlantic coast, I know only too well how treacherous it can be. You should have a look at the ship wrecks off the coast of La Coruña, north west of Spain: huge oil tankers, etc sank and then dragged to shore by the sheer force of the sea.
    Anyway, could you send us some of that lovely sunshine, please? It’s desperately needed here. A whole month of rain and grey skies is beginning to depress me.

    Have fun 🙂

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