The Alley

Not really sure what to say about this one tonight but then again every picture has a story right?

An alley can say so much or perhaps nothing at all. It’s narrow paths, the wonder of what is ahead, where will it lead? I snapped this shot in San Juan, P.R, not too long ago, it was late in the evening. I probably should have been back in my hotel room. I didn’t bother to venture into the alley, I have to admit I was a bit of a chicken. What were those folks doing midway down? Was someone lurking in a doorway? Waiting, just waiting? Would I look like the vulnerable typical tourist, camera in hand? However,  I will never know. I simply stopped, set up my shot, pressed the shutter button and went on my way looking behind me as I left. I hope you like the result.


7 thoughts on “The Alley

      1. Really? I remember that feeling, deep within the Latin Quarter, down unfamiliar cobble stoned alleys, my first night in Barcelona, my first night in Europe. I enjoyed that little trip down memory lane you sent me on:)

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