Weekly Photo Challenge – Together (3)

I was thinking about what I could post today? I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling. I wasn’t getting that inspiration, that ‘gotta post this or that” as I just couldn’t think of anything (you caught that reference right?). Did I feel like something completely different? Did I feel like creating something today? The weather outside is cool and rainy so the opportunity to take some shots outside is minimal. I could create something indoors for you but I just can’t seem to come up with any real ideas that appeal to me today. I am working from home today so naturally my time is limited on whatever I decided, after all I do have other responsibilities.

I decided the best thing to do was look at my fellow bloggers, read their blogs and well see if I can capture some inspiration. So off I went, scanning the ends of the WordPress world that I have thus far discovered looking for inspiration. I decided to check out what others have posted on this weeks photo challenge and the topic of “Together”. There are some really talented folks out there. What I really noticed was how everyone looked at this weeks theme from a different perspective. I mean each one has a very different approach to the theme and their interpretation of “together”. Some bloggers are showing shots of their parents, children and other family members and speaking to how they had an impact on them. Others are sharing photographs of buildings, animals and flowers, all with a unique look at what “together’ can mean or how it can be used. So I started thinking a little deeper into this. I thought about where I have been, what I have seen, I reviewed some of my own images to see if I could get a different take or view on what” together” could mean for me.

Suddenly, I recalled a story I heard while visiting Pearl Harbor last year. I had always wanted to go to Pearl Harbor, I like to view myself as a bit of a history buff and I am intrigued by the history of second world war. It was a very different time and I find it inspiring by the view that many took to defending the freedom of the world during that time. However, while I was in Oahu last year and at Pearl Harbour, I was struck by the stories of the veterans who had survived the attack on December 7, 1941 and how they, upon their own deaths years later, wished to be interned with their brothers in arms on the Arizona. There was a need for them to be returned and to be ‘Together” for eternity with those who fell on that fateful day when the Japanese attacked. So today, I offer you some photographs of my time at Pearl Harbour . I was truly touched as we paid our respects to those on the USS Arizona who lost their lives, entombed for eternity ‘Together”. I also offer my little story of how so many who survived now wish to returned and to be  “Together” with their brothers all these years later.  I hope we never forget the sacrifices of the men and women of our military (wherever you live) make each and everyday.

I have shown these photos before, However I just felt when combined with my short explanation this can very easily fit the description of this weeks theme.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Together (3)

    1. Thanks… one of my fondest memory’s of the time I spent in Hawaii. Paying tribute to those who gave me the right and freedom to be there!

  1. A touching entry. I am thinking about the Omaha American cemetery, which we visited in October 2010. To see so many graves and crosses together is heart wrenching: the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, especially when we think how young these brave soldiers were. That would fit in nicely with this theme, died and buried together.

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