The Lake

Something a little different for you today. A poem. Not written by me but by an author called Jon Coe. I don’t know much about him. I found his poem on the Internet while doing a search for poems about lakes.  He is originally from Cornwall, England and emigrated to the United States in 1986. That is all I was able to find on him. I hope he doesn’t mind me using his poem in my blog. I would have asked his permission if I could contact him. I hope you enjoy what I have chosen for you today.

I watched the ripples, as I drifted away

the lake was deep, on this golden day

Lured by reflection, in this tranquil deep

I lost my mind, then I fell asleep

Trees were talking, murmered rustling leaves

sunlight glistened, on catkin weaves

Dragonflies, and fish that spawn

could not awake me, from this dawn

I floated far and I drifted near

there was no time, as was not fear

Taken away, on this autumn noon

stars were shining, behind the moon

When crickets struck their evening call

the bullfrog chirped, his sombre all

And as the sunset shone, upon this land

the moon took me quietly, by the hand

I stretched and weeped, the night, it fell

I returned my spirit, to this inspired shell

The lake, my friend, shall always be

my place of relaxation, next to, and within me

A poem by Jon Coe


15 thoughts on “The Lake

    1. Thanks again… I think that I may start up a weekly poetry feature and find a shot that matches. Question is what comes first the poem or the photo?

  1. Hi, this is Jon Coe, the author of this poem. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am quite impressed that you appreciated my work this much. Thank you! I joined your blog and hope all is well?

  2. By the way….I love the shot of the lake. I usually write to titles and have yet to write to photographs. You being a photographer, I think you should find a poem first, then take the photograph…sort of what I do with my poems, but in reverse.

    1. Thanks…. One of the occasional features I was doing on the Blog was what I called Poetry Thursday. I have not blogged the feature in sometime, but have been meaning to bring it back. I usually take one of my shots and then based on what I think it means search for a poem to match. That being said, it may just be easier to do as you suggest! A little creativity. Thanks again.

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