Spring— A sure sign

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are living, but man where I am, mother nature is certainly messing around.  As some of you know, I am located in South Western Ontario, in the beautiful city known as Stratford.  Winters in Stratford can be troublesome to say the least. Sometimes the snow at the side of my driveway is upwards of 6-7 ft high. This year however, things were not that bad. We were blessed with a mild winter and until the last few weeks a beautiful and early spring. In March, we saw temperatures up around 27 Celsius (that’s about 80 F for my friends to the south). Then came April. This morning I woke up, took the dog outside and well the grass was covered in snow… my first thoughts..WTF? I am so hungry for spring and the path toward summer.

As I mentioned above, I live in Stratford. Stratford is famous for a number of things most notably the Stratford Festival Theatre (and of course the home of singing sensation Justin Bieber). Now that being said, we also have the Avon River and Victoria Lake and a big attraction for many of the visitors to our little city (population around 32,000), would be an adventure down to the lake to see upwards of 30 Black and White Swans who spend their Spring, Summer and Fall living around and upon the lake.  In the Spring we are treated to some of the natures best moments when some of our Swans pair up and well as couples like to do we end up with a few baby swans or Cygnet.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the warm weather to arrive soon I give you this sure sign of spring that I was able to snap last spring…


13 thoughts on “Spring— A sure sign

  1. We’re practically neighbours, and my son is starting his first year at Conestoga College in Kitchener in the Fall which is not far from you right? And you’ve heard of Dundalk? Not many people have. I grew up in Toronto, but rural Ontario has been a wonderful place to raise our kids. We live right in town, but our house backs on to fields, so it’s the best of both worlds and great for photography! 🙂

    1. Yes… Stratford is west of Kitchener..maybe 30 minutes or so. It really is a small world. If you saw a post I had a few days back of the waterfall (Lower Tews Falls) that was taken in the Dundalk area (or close to it)

      1. Yes you are correct and I am wrong… I mixed up my geography and yes we are still close in location… Grey County. Close to Mennonite country!

  2. Cute photo. Where I live in the north west of the UK, weve had a mildish winter, a warm and dry spring and now it’s incredibly wet. Not conducive for photography, but badly needed.

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