Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects (6)

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you all had a good day or are having a good one. This shall be my last entry on the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week. I think I have run the well dry with this theme. It’s been fun looking for and finding some shots on this theme to share with you. I have come to realize however, that in almost every shot a photographer takes you can almost always find more than one subject when you really stop and look at the shot. The subject may not be the main subject or the point of shot but certainly one can always see some “sub-subjects”, which I feel is what makes the shot all that more fun to view.

Today, I offer you the a shot taken midway up the “Rock” at Gibraltar, the gateway to the Mediterranean.  If you have ever been there you will recall the many Barbary Apes all over the place. My two subjects? The ape and the ship, the ape and the fence, the ape and the sea or perhaps the sea and the city? Lots to choose from really.

By the way, I don’t really like the cables in the background of the shot, but alas I just didn’t feel like removing them and thus with this shot we go “au naturel”

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects (6)

  1. 🙂 I kind of find the cables very ..’nice’ is not the word..but the photo looks great with them in there..it makes it more real, I like it. I have a hard time taking photos without these damn cables everywhere.. and I hate wasting time erasing them… but we live in a world full of ‘cables’ :)…you can call it matrix 🙂

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