Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects (5)

So here we are … we finally made it to ‘hump day’. Two more days and we have once again made it to weekend. Oh how I love the weekend. Those two days that arrive every 5th day (assuming you are counting in the proper direction), where we get to kick back, relax, party a bit or simply do nothing. On occasion, we (that would be me and my wife) decide that a road trip is in order. Our road trips usually involve a last-minute decision, a full tank of gas, our passports in our pocket (we live 2 hours from the U.S border) and off we go. Where we end up? who knows. The beauty of the road trip is that it’s just that, a road trip. No real destination, no time requirement and off you go. Sometimes they are only a few hours and other times they are an entire day with an overnight adventure. We love the road trip!

So I have dug into my blog archives again for todays shot. This is one that was taken while on one of those road trips I talked about above. We were slowly cruising along a highway in the Allegheny Forest and happened upon this spot. Talk about a peaceful setting. The sun was starting to lower in the sky and conditions were, well,  an amateur photographers dream. So here is yet another entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge for “Two Subjects”. The question for you is what are the two subjects? Is it the obvious or is it something else? You tell me!

Thanks again for all the traffic and visits to my little WordPress world. I really do feel like I am establishing some cool relationships with many of my followers.


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