Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects (4)

Ok… So as I continue my two subjects theme for the week (I know,  I know…its not really my creative idea), I’ve been searching over thousands of shots on my hard drive trying to find something creative and of course with “two subjects”.  As a result of the “Weekly Photo Challenge” topic this week, I am looking at many of my shots with a different view. If I originally shot a landscape, I am now seeing the shot in a totally different light.  I am certainly enjoying this weeks theme if you haven’t figured that out.

So I have posted this shot before, its one of my favourites. Why? Well, my wife and I were out on a hike one day last summer and I had wanted to do some waterfall photography.  We live very close to the Niagara Escarpment. Niagara Falls is about 2 hours away. Along the escarpment is a trail known in these parts as the Bruce Trail. Along the trail you will find many waterfalls. Our adventure on this summer day, was to hike the trail and shoot whatever we came upon. This particular shot is a water fall known as Lower Tews Falls.  As we hiked along the trail I would stop, set up my tripod and get different shots. My wife, was ahead of me and just happened to sit off to the side on a log while I was setting up for a shot of the falls.  This was my result. My two subjects…. the falls and of course the girl of my dreams….

Thanks again for checking me out and welcome to the many new friends who are now following my daily photographic antics….



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects (4)

  1. This is very good. I am surprised that you were able to capture the lady as clear as you have in this photo considering the shutter speed length you would have had to set for the misty falls. Great job.

    1. Thanks… I shot this at F22 with a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds… She was just sitting staring off toward the other side of the creek so I did get lucky she didn’t move.

    1. Thanks…allthingsboys (I am not sure I have seen your name on your blog) How are you today anyway? I did in fact blow the shot up and made it into a canvas print for her mom (which we have yet to give to her so shhh! [finger up to lip]). I should really put one in my office too.


      1. speaking as a wife, yes you should put one in your office. For some reason when I look at it, I can “see” your love for her. I know that sounds weird, but…
        Nice gift too-thoughtful. I’m good today, hope you are as well. And my name is Arnel. 🙂

      2. Arnel, that does not sound weird at all, in fact when I took this shot I was more amazed with how I captured her then the waterfall… Not sure if you have looked through my blog but check out my Valentines Day post…. it was all about her!

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