Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects (3)

So I wonder, are there any rules with respect to the weekly photo challenge? I mean can you use the theme, once …twice… three times or more? Hmmm that kinda reminds me of a song……

Well I am a rule breaker (if there are in fact any rules about such things). This will be my third entry into this weeks theme. I really am having fun with the theme…. who thinks these up… I have so many questions….  Anyway you didn’t come here to hear me ramble…. well actually I guess that should have said “read” me ramble…. do we actually hear when we read? A blog entry on that could be interesting, especially if I added a photograph or two. You read, you see but do you hear…. Hmmmm…. if there are two photographs would that still qualify for the “Two Subjects” theme?

Ok ok.. back to the reason you all showed up today…. my photographic entry. This shot was taken in Alaska. My two subjects…. well you decide… there are many options in this one. The shot was captured while traversing the Lynn Canal. The Lynn Canal is a natural canal (or inlet) that leads into the mainland of southeast Alaska. It is about 140 km long and at over 2000 ft deep it is the deepest fjord in North America and one of the longest and deepest in all the world. It was a major route during the Klondike years.

So what “two subjects” do you see in this photograph?


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects (3)

    1. Glad you caught that… actually the first song my wife and I ever slow danced to… I asked the question because I am curious if people can see what’s not so obvious… the beauty of any photo is how subjective and different it can be to those who gaze upon it… thanks for the compliment and your observation.

    1. Thanks for the kudos. I particularly liked how the shade of the trees changes as your eye leads down the canal… thanks for taking the time to comment.

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