….from a beach in Aruba to you…. why do we love them?

I love a beach. Most love a beach. Have you ever wondered why? I once read a book that theorized that humans are of course descended from Apes and Apes at one time lived on the shore. Thus we seem to be drawn back to those sandy refuges. Do we buy that theory?  We are unique in comparison to apes, we certainly have less body hair (a big fan of that I am), we have a lesser sense of smell and of course we have the ability to swim underwater. We tend to adapt to the water better.  Not sure I really buy that theory but thought it was interesting.

People, in general,  prefer to live near the water. We see it as an escape. We use it for recreation and entertainment. Who hasn’t dreamed of owning some oceanfront property at one time or another? When you’re at the beach have you ever had that very conversation about buying the perfect place with a view of the most beautiful sunset?

Children and adults love to frolic in the water, play in the sand and soak up the sun. Some of the best architecture one will ever see are designed upon the sand… that’s right the wonderful and creative sandcastle! Could it also be the palm trees? Those perfect natural umbrellas that shade us from the elements, standing tall and proud.

We all have our reasons for enjoying a day or week or a vacation home on the beach. When at the beach, life just seems to be better, people seem nicer and well whats better than a frozen drink, sun-kissed bodies and some surf.  Did I mention the sun-kissed bodies? Those shots will be for another post! For now enjoy some more palm trees…

Aruba was a fantastic stop on this voyage.  The beach was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. I love a beach….do you?


17 thoughts on “….from a beach in Aruba to you…. why do we love them?

    1. I recently read a sign that said ‘ You know that dream you’ve been wanting to follow? Well… get on your way!’ I will be back in Florida the first week of May and can’t wait!

  1. Totally yes. I grew up not far from the coast, then moved to the UK where I was always miles away from it, and now I’m back only five minutes walk from the bay, and I love it. The ocean definitely has that certain something. This is a great post!

      1. hmmm… I think any of your readers would say you are lucky!… but I won’t ask you why you don’t think so.. I really hope you are just joking ?!

      2. Sometimes one hits the send button before really finishing the comment. I was answering your comment from my BB. So…Yes I would agree that perhaps I am lucky…. what I was meaning to say was …not sure about lucky but definitely blessed to have the opportunities to visit and see so many places!

      3. ufff.. !!!! that’s better !!! 🙂 cause it’s true, you are blessed with doing all this!
        of course there is a side that we don’t see and we don’t share with everybody-everyday stuff, bills to pay, talking business, parents calling..and so on..! but overall the part of what you choose to show,is a wonderful one,and some don’t even have 1% of a quite normal day that most of us have…and having to see just some of your great photos makes their day!

      4. Thank you so much for the very kind words. Perhaps an interesting blog entry could be something about those sides we dont see, with pictures…… I wonder tho… What is a normal day? By the way, I am just getting caught up on your blog and I love your charisma and attitude!

      5. 🙂 oh jeezzz !! Thank You!
        I have my moments..:) 🙂 I’m kind of acting like I’m still very young.. Well my blog is about everything in my life more or less, so it’s more open than just a certain topic blog… I thought nobody will see it and I considered it as an everyday diary.. So far nobody said anything really bad 🙂 Sometimes it’s funny to see other people that act normal and they post a picture with their morning faces,or with the food they are eating,or the tea they are drinking..you feel you are not alone,and at the end of the day we all have the same habits and problems! and that’s a fact!

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