The power of Aruba’s West Coast

When I think of the Caribbean, I think of palm trees, white sandy beaches, lazy days of frozen cocktails and of course the beautiful colours of the sea. I also think about the warm breezes and of course what is a day in the Caribbean without a beautiful sunset. Aruba offered all of this and more. What it also offered was some fabulous shorelines, pounded by a wild surf for thousands of years. As we saw in yesterday’s post, Aruba’s coastline is more than just the pristine beaches we see on the tourist sites and post cards. It offers a view of the power and force of nature and the sea. I love the opportunity to photograph waves as they crash against the shoreline. Aruba offered some of the wildest surf I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them. A lens cleaning was necessary after these shots!


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