Aruba – Gotta have a Balashi

As a fan of beer (minus the beer belly) when I take a trip a trip anywhere in the world, whether it be local or far away, my trip is not complete unless I’ve had the opportunity to taste a local beer. Aruba did not disappoint. The local beer of choice in Aruba is Balashi. It has a deep golden colour that is totally clear and transparent. It had a beautiful aroma of hops and had a short after taste. It was beautiful, refreshing and it was only 10:30 in the morning when I had it. I love vacation! This beer offered the cool refreshing taste that was just perfect for the hot climate of Aruba.

Today I offer you a toast! Cheers everyone……

4 thoughts on “Aruba – Gotta have a Balashi

  1. You’re killin’ me…gotta get back to Aruba, SOON. I have a Balashi bottle filled with Aruba sand sitting on the shelf. Would be better if it were filled with beer, of course.

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