Aruba – What a surprising landscape!

Aruba…. Our journey has turned the corner as we disembarked to our last port of call. I had never been to Aruba before. This was one of the reasons I choose this Itinerary. I had heard so much about this little island of paradise. It’s certainly a popular place, with over 1,000,000 visitors a year. I have been to most of the Islands in the Caribbean. I only have a few left to visit. Although each is unique to itself, the islands for the most are the same. You know the stereotypical island of lush steamy forests with lots of rain, skinned by beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. Aruba, much to my surprise was very different.

Aruba is host to some fascinating wild and plant life. Some of which is found nowhere else but on this island. Of course we all have heard of the famous divi-divi tree. A fascinating natural structure that is permanently bent at nearly a complete right angle with its ‘medusa’ like branches seemingly swept back by the wind. The divi divi tree always and only points to the west. This as a result of the ever-present trade winds that blow from the northeast.

What I was really surprised by as I explored this island, was the many species of cactus. I truly had never expected to see cactus on the island. It just never resonated in my thought process when thinking about a Caribbean island. You will find cactus that are 15-20 ft tall, you will find cactus in bunches almost like a large bush and you will find them the size of a golf ball on this island. I was truly amazed and surprised…. note to self… do not slip and fall in Aruba or you may have a prickly landing….. stay on your bar stool!

For today’s blog entry, I thought I would show you some of the rugged landscape of the interior of this island. Oh and when in Aruba be sure and try some soup made from the Kadushi Cactus, one of the tallest on the island.


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