Having some fun with Lightroom and Curacao

So a little while back I did a post on some photo’s I took in Italy where I played around with some of the colours in the photo. I called that entry ‘Patriotic Italy’. Check it out if you haven’t seen it or are new to my little home on the web.

So I was thinking about what to post for you all tonight (ok the truth is I am still working on and organizing my Aruba shots) and I thought why not do a similar entry? Only this time use the some of the colorful architecture of Curaçao.  That’s right folks, tonight you get to see a little of my creative side…. you must be so excited for that, I know it! Selective colour shots can be so much fun really. Once again, I hope you enjoy today’s offering.

So starting with the original:

Then removing all but Brown\Orange\Yellow:

only Blue:

then leaving only Yellow\Green:

And finally just pink with some red:


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