Curacao – Willemstad

Willemstad is the Capitol of Curaçao.  A beautiful city with a rich heritage and culture. Willemstad was founded in the mid-1600’s and  its structures boast the designs of Amsterdam with its colorful 17th and 18th century Dutch colonial buildings. It’s streets are narrow alleys with wider main streets. Around every corner you can find many plaza’s bristling with open markets and patios. Willemstad is unlike any other Caribbean Island I had experienced (note to self: use same line for Aruba).  It truly is a gem. I would highly recommend a visit. I will be back.

It’s an odd name really, this Curaçao. There are different theories for the origins of the word Curaçao (pronounced kyur uh sow). The most likely explanation stems from the Spanish calling the island “Corazon” (Heart) at some point. The famous Portuguese mapmakers adopted this word into their own language as “Curaçau” or “Curaçao.” Today, locally, the  island is known as “Dushi Korsou” (Sweet Curaçao).

I had trouble finding just a few pictures to show you today. So I ended up choosing many. Any camera lover will get more than their fix in this place. The picture-taking opportunities are endless. As you have seen on my blog the last few days there are all types of opportunities standing in front of you. So all of that being said, today I take you around the streets of Willemstad. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them (well except for the fact that I was actually there).  Till next time, once again thanks for tuning in!


4 thoughts on “Curacao – Willemstad

  1. It’s interesting: you can see the Dutch influence in the architecture, but there must have been something in the local culture which embellished the buildings with such vibrant colours. Here in Sri Lanka we still have many old Dutch-era buildings, but whereas those in Curacao are more Burano than Amsterdam, ours are even more understated than the originals.

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