Blue Hotel – Curacao

Just a short post today. I was looking through the shots I took in Curaçao and this one just struck me so I thought I would post just it. I am calling it the Blue Hotel but it’s actually called the Otrobanda Hotel and Casino and it located in the heart of Willemstad. I am going to play around in Photoshop with this one a bit because my wife’s name is Vanda and I am going to manipulate the name on the hotel so that it just says ‘Vanda’s Hotel and Casino’, but why am I bothering you folks with my silly games…. anyway the sun was just beginning to set and the time was around 6:30 pm when I snapped this. I shot it at a focal length of 150mm and F4.5 with an exposure time of 1/125 sec, pretty basic really. It’s not one of my better shots from a composition perspective and I could have played with the exposures a bit better but what the heck I had just left ‘happy hour’ and I was on vacation! I love the deep blues tho!

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