The evolution of a blog..What’s next?

So here I am almost 6 months since I started to seriously blog. Yes,  I have had the blog longer than that but didn’t really pay that much attention to it. Then I thought why not, lets join the rest of the world and start to blog. I mean really who wouldn’t be interested in hearing what I had to say? So I sat down and thought about the name. What should I name the blog? What was my blog going to be about?  After a whole bunch of thoughts (I mean beers), I decided I would create a blog that was pretty much about anything I wanted.  I thought, I have a lot to offer after all I am opinionated, I am confident in my thoughts, I follow politics both in the U.S and Canada, I am in tune with sports, business, social issues etc.  I also loved photography so every once in a while I could throw in some photography, talk about my travels and well the blogging world will love me.  Thus, I created the name “this, that and whatever else I can think of”.

So the blog was launched. One of my first offerings was around Remembrance Day. A wonderful and thoughtful piece, well IMHO anyway.  Surely, people would be interested in what I said and then I pressed the ‘Publish’ button and I was off to the races.  Next it was off to the stats page… 1 view… hmm … Oh well… they will soon come I thought… then I proceeded to write some blogs about the occupy movement, the US primary’s, the Conservative agenda, some movies and all mixed in with my own personal observations of the world around me. I had only a few followers, I had very few ‘likes’ on any of my entry’s and then as we rolled into December we came upon the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. I have been to Pearl Harbour and thought “lets show some photography from my time there” so I created this. Suddenly, I had an increase in views and I had some folks leaving comments. Was I on to something?

After a few more posts I decided to concentrate a little more on my photography so I posted about the Art of Seeing. My blog exploded! Well it exploded as far as I was concerned. I had 9 ‘likes’ and almost 24 views.. That’s right in one day, can you believe it. I was on to something! I changed the theme and style of the blog to better suit the over all appearance and showcase the photography a little better.

Thus, my blog began to evolve into something completely different from what I had originally intended. I started to get more followers, I concentrated more on showing my photography and well instead of being about ‘this, that and whatever else I could think of” this blog had become a showcase of some of my photography as well as some of the stories behind the pictures.

So with this evolution I am thinking I need to change the name of my blog…. but the question is to what? I have some ideas but want to make sure I continue to offer something that you, my followers and of course potential new followers want to see.  After all it is your viewership (is that a real word), that keeps me interested in doing this. I would be more than interested in hearing your thoughts on a name change. How many photos do people want to see in a post? One, two, ten, what’s a good amount or does it really matter?

Lastly, I was thinking I may like to do a weekly post that is a viewers choice. What I mean by that is what do you want to see? What challenge would you the reader give me to go out and shoot and then post. You choose the topic and I will find the subjects and present them on the blog. Submissions can start now…

Thanks to all who have decided to follow and watch my blog evolve over the last few months.

I leave you with this shot today… Tomorrow we start to explore Curaçao!


24 thoughts on “The evolution of a blog..What’s next?

  1. I love this post, it reminds me of my “Susan Lucci” post And, BTW, take a look at how many people “liked” that post ~ then take a look at one of my recent posts! So, if I may, I will share with you some of my thoughts.

    1) you’re funny – use your humor.
    2) I like the name of your blog – it’s different and to be honest, I’m not sure the name of a blog means that much – really look at my name and some others out there.
    3) Post your photos! You are a good photographer and most people respond to visual stimuli. And I don’t think you need to post a lot of photos. Sometimes I only post 1 with maybe a quote and people respond to that. If I do post a lot of them, I put them in a gallery or slideshow format.
    4) Post often – this one is important because continuity is key to finding a following in my opinion. It looks like you may be doing the 365 but I don’t feel like I see your posts each day. Which brings me to – tag your posts with the common tag lines from wordpress, “photography”, “travel”, etc.!/topics/ which it looks like you’re doing.
    5) This one may be the most important one to building a following and that is going to other sites and “like” and comment on their posts. You will be surprised how you will build relations with people and find a following by doing that and you’re exposing yourself to new people.

    I’m no expert and I may be telling you stuff you already know but this is what worked for me. I started posting in Nov. ’11 and I just hit 20,000 views and have 750+ followers. I know that doesn’t set any WordPress record but I’m happy with it.

    I am now going to hit your follow button and then repost this on my blog. Good luck! I love seeing people succeed, you will do it.

    1. Wow… I am indebted to you for some great advice. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond like you have. Thanks also for the reblog. You have already directed new folks my way. I look forward to following your blog as well

  2. Very personable …I think you are showing what we new blogers go through. A question …words versus images. There is SO much to read but true artistic photography … stands alone. You…my frirnd speak duel languages….well dome…mine is just images…thinking I should listen to ypu!!!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Maybe I am on the right track… I like the thought on dual languages.. Words vs images… you may have given me an idea for a future post!

  3. Hello Steve,
    I’ve read your blog with great interest and these are my thoughts:

    First a name for your blog. You say you started getting more followers when you started posting pictures of your fascinating travels and it seems that is what most people want to see, so your new blog title should reflect that. How about “Travels with my camera” or “The World/Planet in my eyes or something in that line? After all, it’s your eyes, your camera and your world!

    As for weekly topics, I would love to see more of Canada and Alaska, as I’ve never been there and they are 2 places that both Peter and I would love to visit. You could concentrate on it fauna or flora or the changing of the seasons. The possibilities are endless.

    1. Hi Fatima… Thanks again for your kind words and thoughts. I dis make a trek to Alaska two years ago so I will definitely find some shots for you.

    1. Creativity, I suppose is constantly in a state of unrest, developing as we ‘evolve’ to hit that spot that creates or sparks and interest to others. Wow…that was deep…. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  4. Like you, I used to blog about random things until it evolved into a travel blog and photography. It was also there that it boomed.

    Glad to read the same story here, pal. More power to your blog!

  5. That is interesting. I’ve just started a blog, aimed at photography because I do get a kick out of sharing it, and it’s great to see it working for some people. Let’s see where I am in 6 months!

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