Piscina natural – The natural pool

One of the coolest places I have been was a site known as the Piscina Natural. If you have ever gone to or plan to go to Bayahibe you will know or be told that this is a must see. It’s located about 30 minutes of the shore of the Dominican Republic and it is a huge area with incredibly shallow water and only knee-deep in some spots. Whats even more unique about this area is that it is home to hundreds of Starfish of all different colours and sizes. The waters are incredibly clear and our tour guide supplied us with plenty of Santo Libre (Rum and Sprite). A totally beautiful scene. A perfect way to bring to a close our excursion in the Dominican Republic.

A fellow guest enjoys a leisure swim in the crystal blue waters of the Piscina Natural.
Enjoying some rum in the gorgeous waters
A couple enjoy a moment off alone (well almost alone)
An underwater shot of the main attraction
Shadows create some great reflections..

Underwater shot as a wave rolls over my lens..
This shot was taken on the bottom of Piscina Natural looking up toward to the sky. The blue shows how clear the water was..



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