La Romana, Dominican Republic

After Nassau we enjoyed a day at sea as we headed to La Romana, Dominican Republic. This was a port of call that I had never been to before. In fact, it’s a rather new port for the cruise ship industry.  The actual port itself shows that its relatively new. There is not much around. In order to get anywhere you have to arrange for a taxi or head out with a tour group. On this day we had arranged a private excursion. I had planned a trip by speed boat out to Saona Island, it did not disappoint. We would have to take a taxi from the port to Bayahibe, which is a small fishing town neighboring La Romana. The taxi ride was about 25 minutes one way.

Once we arrived in Bayahibe we had some instant gratification in knowing we had made the right choice. The area where we would board our speed boat was beautiful with its white sand beaches adorned with turquoise shallow waters. The journey on the speed boat would take us along these crystal clear waters, flanked by rows of tall palm trees lined along the coast line of the Dominican’s beautiful white sand beaches. It was simply beautiful. As we headed toward Saona we would visit some mangrove inlets and see an abundance of wildlife.

Today, I am just going to leave you with a little teaser of the area. I took close to 300 pictures on this day so we just might be blogging about the Dominican for a few days as I share some of this marvelous island with you. By the way, as it’s St. Patrick’s Day today I tried to pick some shots with green as the main colour.

Once again, thanks for checking in on my blog.

Bayahibe Fishing Village
Dominican Coastline
Playing with some Palms
Crystal Clear Turquoise Waters

10 thoughts on “La Romana, Dominican Republic

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Our world is vast and beautiful and offers so many wonderous things to discover! I will drop by your site and check things out as well.

  1. Wonderful photos of a beautiful country. My husband and I lived in Santo Domingo for six wonderful months and loved the Dominican Republic.

  2. Who did you book this excursion through? We’re going there next week and this is exactly what we want to do. Lots of reviews out there, sounds like your experience was a good one. Could you give me contact information for your guide?

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