Located on Providence Island,  Nassau is probably most famous for Paradise Island and of course the wonderful (and extremely over-priced) Atlantis Hotel. This would be our fourth time in Nassau, the capital of the commonwealth of the Bahamas. The city and Island have so much to offer with its beautiful beaches, rich culture and botanical gardens. The water activities are many and will cater to the everyone.

We were only in port for a few hours on this day (7am – 2pm) so the agenda was very basic. We had decided today would be our first beach day on the journey. We headed for Junkanoo Beach which is about a ten minute walk from the cruise port. It’s a great little spot, with a public washroom, change rooms, snack stands and of course a few small shacks serving those frosty drinks we love so much.  Here are just a few shots from our day at the beach. The crystal clear waters are always something that I find so beautiful. I will have some more for you tomorrow….


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