I’m Back….

As you know from my last post about two weeks ago or was it three weeks now, I have been on a hiatus. This little break took me away from the cold dreary, damp, winter of the great white north to the warm beaches and heavenly sunshine of the tropics of the Caribbean. My journey started in Toronto but it really began in Miami. After a few days in the South Beach area of Miami, it was time to move further south to the sunshine of the Bahamas and Nassau. From Nassau, I was off to La Romana, Dominican Republic. I was totally taken by the crystal clear waters and beautiful white sandy beaches of this hidden paradise. However, I still needed to go further, to get as far away from the winter of Canada as I could, thus the next stop would be an island that I would soon discover to be one of the true hidden treasures of Caribbean, Curaçao. This is an island rooted in culture and history. It’s coloured architecture is something to behold, the island has something to offer for every interest, not to mention their famous Blue Curaçao Liqueur. After Curaçao, my last Caribbean stop on this journey would be to the first of the ABC Islands, Aruba. The land of the Divi-Divi tree, naturally sculpted by the ever-present trade winds present 95% of the time.  It was a wonderful journey and today I shall share with you some shots from Miami, a beautiful city with an incredible skyline surrounded by water and beautiful beaches.

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