Summer Relaxation, a winter rant and Valentines Day

When I look out the window I see the white of the fresh snow that fell over the weekend. I feel the cold, -15 celsius and I wish for warmer climates. I am a Canadian who hates winter! I get away from it as often as possible. I have often said to my wife that when we retire I will never see snow again unless I choose to. I can probably tell you now what that choice will be. I really shouldn’t complain, my wife is on a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise now with her sister and mother. I will be joining them next week, with the kids for the second leg of that journey. So as I said above I really should stop complaining. I am off on a ‘cold snap’ rant that frankly has nothing to do with the photo I intend to post today. So, that being said.. I shall stop, for now. I may start-up again later however!

So with Valentines Day only a few hours away, I was thinking about a few things. First off, I was thinking about my Valentine being away this week. Oh, we still celebrated before she left (I will leave that for tomorrow). Valentine is the day for couples, the day for love. Is it a silly thing or is it a serious thing. I guess that’s up to you really.  So today, as we head towards that day of love, chocolate eating and roses and wine, I leave you with a few candid photographs I took of different couples. The first, taken this past summer down by the river in the town I live, is of a couple I saw on a lazy afternoon, just enjoying the weather together. The second is a shot of a couple strolling along the beach in Florida. The third is my step son and his girlfriend sharing a quiet moment on the beach . The fourth shot is of another couple I saw sitting along the beach, in their lazy chairs with the water rolling toward their feet. The last is a simple table and chair with some flowers… they seem to be silently waiting for a couple to sit down and enjoy some time together.


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