Emotions of a setting Sun

Sunset pictures often tend to be clichés, yet for most people we all love them. There is just something about a sunset that gives you an inner peace, a feeling of relaxation. The perfect sunset with its majesty of colours is natures way of painting the sky, natures way of saying our world is a beautiful place. A sunset can evoke serenity, it offers so many views. It has the power to bring about so many emotions.

Valentines Day is just around the corner. As I think about the love of my life, I think of thoughts of walking along a beach, holding my wife’s hand, gazing out at the burst of colours as the sun sets on the horizon. That peaceful moment where nothing else in the world matters. I also recall the many times we have sailed on the ocean. Just the two of us, sitting on our balcony as the sun sinks in the distance below the horizon, a glass of wine, the warm burning of the golds and reds reflecting on her beautiful blonde hair. There truly is something majestic about watching the end of the day approach with the one you love.

So what do you say we all watch the sun set together? These photo’s, taken as we sailed the Caribbean Sea, show the sun slowing descending beyond the horizon.

And with this.. the evening begins...

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