Some more from La Castellet, France

The village of Castellet is one of the Var region’s top tourist attractions. As I said in my last post, this little feudal village will enchant you with its typical Provençal picturesque setting with its small squares, lined with beautiful old houses that have been carefully restored with taste highlighting the old stonework of this 15th Century Castle.  You enter Castellet via 2 fortified gateways and once inside just let yourself wander along the small streets, past the potter’s and the leather craftsman’s workshops, the perfumed candles, ceramics, and jewellery along the art  galleries and ice-cream sellers.  From one street to another, you will be able to admire the stonework walls covered with bunches of wisteria and bougainvillea, their red, orange, fuchsia  and violet intertwining with the ivy that grows in every part of the village.  Of all the places I have been lucky enough to venture into, this little village continues to be in the forefront of my memory. I hope you enjoy the slide-show.


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