Streets of Toulon

Well I am not sure what happened today. I had written a long intro into today’s post, went to preview it and poof it was gone. Nowhere to be found (memo to self, copy all posts before trying to preview in the future).  I can’t even recall everything I said.

I know it started with an apology for not posting anything yesterday and it went on to explain why. The main reason, I wanted to spend some time with my wife and so I decided not to anywhere near the computer. As a negotiator, my job often takes me away from home and locks me up in a hotel while I try to figure out ways to make sure employers stop taking advantage of their employees and that they respect them for skills and abilities they bring to the business. After all if it was not for those very skills then business owners, quite frankly would have no business. Workers indeed are the spoke that keeps the wheel of production going.

The weekend has been busy as well. We had a wedding today and I am now writing this while we wait for the reception to begin a little later tonight. Tomorrow is of course Superbowl Sunday. Our festivities will begin around 1 pm with some road hockey, a little street football and the some tailgating up to game time. Chances are …my next post might not be till Monday unless you want it to look something like “hgthsi geabsgti, hwhytsd jkuus bfrfs”… we plan on doing our own Budweiser commercial if you know what I mean.

Today, I take you to the streets of Toulon, France. If there is one thing I truly love about Europe it is the century’s old narrow and winding streets. They are truly a photographers dream if you enjoy to shoot any type of streetscape photos. I enjoy to shoot anything that comes my way. The three photos I have for you today show what I remember about those streets. The one with the woman looking out her window is something I often recall when I think of my time in Toulon. You see that scene often, folks peering through the shudders at the activity below. The other shots, which I did in black and white with a few filters on hand, also show those winding streets, how narrow they are and of course bicycles leaning against the walls. Not something we often see in North America.  I hope you like them.


7 thoughts on “Streets of Toulon

  1. I am in love with France too, that’s why we keep going there. Have you seen my pictures of the half-timbered houses in Tours? They date from the 13th century and they’re just amazing! I often take pictures of narrow streets too: they seem to tell a story all by themselves. Keep up the good work and enjoy your superbowl Sunday!

  2. First, I think if you look in your ‘posts’ tab under your dashboard, you might find an autosaved draft of the post you started. It might not be all there, but most of it.

    Second, I love these narrow winding streets. And your pictures reminded me of this video, which is very sweet and very high tech at the same time.

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