The power of the sea

Our stop today will be along the shores of the Western Caribbean and the Island of Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands are known for many things which include of course off shore banking. In fact, the Cayman Islands are home to more registered businesses then people. That fact, really has nothing to do with today’s post. With all the occupy movement stuff going on around our world,  I thought this was just an interesting fact. It’s a place with no income tax, no capital gains tax and of course no corporate tax. If you havent figured it out just yet, you might be interested to know that these Islands, with a population of just around  56,000, are the 5th largest banking centre in all the world with $1.5 trillion in banking liabilities.  But enough of all this negativity….

On one of my visits to George Town, Grand Cayman, we happened upon a very angry Caribbean Sea. The islands are known for their rough water at times. Cruise ships, on occasion, will be unable to stop in Grand Cayman because of mother natures hold on the Island. As we walked along the shore of the this beautiful island on this particular day the water was crashing against the rocks and the result was…. well … take a look for yourself.

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