Fog… two shots from my travels. The first is a  Steel Cantilever Bridge located along the White Pass Railway line which linked the Alaskan gold rush to the Canadian Yukon. On the day we took this trek, the morning was cool and wet. The result of course, was a thick and dense fog. As I look at this particular photo (which I have converted to black and white) it seems a bit ghostly and very eerie. The bridge leads out over a deep gorge but with the thick fog, where does it lead…..if anywhere… was there really an end to it?

The second bridge, was shot on an early summer morning. The fog from the previous night had yet to clear, the bridge of course looks very much like the Golden Gate Bridge… only this is not. This is in fact its sister bridge, known as the 25th of April Bridge in Lisbon,  Portugal.  It actually has a longer span then the Golden Gate.

The last shot was taken a bit later as the fog was starting to burn off and the sailboats were heading out for a day of adventure.

6 thoughts on “Fog…

    1. Thanks… we were on a moving train at the time so I was pleased with the shot considering the way I had to take it…. I was outside the back of the train as it rolled along.

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