Cruising the Panama Canal – Sea Day #3

Well today was another day at sea… The perfect rest we needed after two full days in port. The sky was perfectly blue and the waters were as calm as could be.  My day started around 7:30 am when I made my way to the ocean view café, enjoying the view as we cruised along. The more I think about it, I really do enjoy the day’s at sea the best. I think there is something special about being out on the ocean, no land in sight and just taking it all in.  Honestly, looking out at the ocean you really do feel very small and insignificant. Our world is so big, so vast. The water seems to go on forever and I suppose it really does in some sense. We had the luck to see more Dolphins today.

By the way… breakfast was the usual: Scrambled eggs, Corned beef hash (if only they served those hash brownies in the afternoon) and a bowl of oatmeal and all washed down with a nutritious Bloody Mary. Just after 9 am, we were once again in our familiar spot, to the right of the Mast Bar on Deck 11. There seemed to be more walkers out this morning then I have noticed in the past. Probably a product of the buffet. Throughout the day, I would somehow find my way to a few more Bloody Mary’s, a couple of Lava Flows and a bucket of beer… there was a special today, by 5 get the 6th free. I mean who passes up a good bargain! Needless to say I did not manage to get many pictures today! We stayed on deck 11 until around 5 pm. It was a full and complete day in the sun. The evening awaited us… after a nap that is!

Tonight was our second of three formal nights on this cruise. Vanda looked stunning… continues to take my breath away!

We met our friends, Vicki and Craig in the Rendezvous lounge and had our regular pre-dinner drinks while watching our fellow passengers dance to the music of Baires Quartet. This group played regularly in the Rendezvous and the woman who was the lead singer was very good. They performed mostly traditional ballroom style music. The group consisted of  a sax player, drummer and guitarist.

After the pre-dinner drinks we made our way to the dining room. As I have said in past post’s, I think we had a great dinner table. There were eleven of us and everyone got along, we hung out with each other before and after the dinners. It was just an overall great experience and lots of fun. Tonight’s show times were different then the norm. We had enjoyed going to the show at 7,  before our dinner but tonight the shows were at 8:45 and 10:45. We decided to pass up the show tonight. The Celebrity Cast would be performing “Boogie Wonderland”, the original seventies musical from London’s West End. I heard from others the show was very well done.

We closed our day again in the Constellation Lounge, the formal night dance party was on the agenda in the lounge tonight.. This ship was not short on entertainment!

Not many pictures today as I was busy with other things…. here are a few shots in a slide show for you.

Tomorrow we would be in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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