Cruising the Panama Canal – Acapulco

The following is a travelogue of the our journey from the Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida via the Panama Canal almost one year ago. If you’re at all interested or thinking of a cruise I hope that my adventures will help you make that decision. This travelogue was written for a cruising web site. I have made a few edits to hopefully make things a little clearer for this Blog.

Today we would be arriving in Acapulco, Mexico. This was one of the port’s I was really looking forward to and allow me to be clear…It did not disappoint in any way.
I woke up early today and grabbed some breakfast then headed back to my room for my camera. The ship was to arrive in Acapulco at 8 am. However, thanks to some smooth cruising, the ship was early. We were actually off the ship by 8:30 am. The weather on this day was incredible with a clear blue sky and high’s in the upper 80’s. The cruise into Acapulco bay was simply magnificent.   The view was spectacular from the 11th deck of Infinity. Glittering and glamorous is how I would describe it. Whether you were on the port or starboard side of the ship there was so much to take in. By the end of the day, I had taken over 300 pictures. Thank goodness we live in a digital age or the money for my next cruise would be spent on processing the film! This port had everything to offer, a nightlife (although we were leaving by 6pm), beautiful beaches, many water activities and of course the famous cliff divers.

Here are some of those views I described above as we sailed into this busy, yet serene port of call.

We had a planned excursion today but not through Celebrity. We had booked our excursion through Rudy’s Van tours. There would be about 10 passengers in total on this tour.  We were supposed to actually have Rudy but we ended up with one of his other driver’s named Jose. Jose did a great job and tried his best to show us as much as possible, taking us on a wide range tour from how the everyday people of Acapulco live and of course how the rich and famous live. I enjoyed the tour as we really did get a great look at all of Acapulco. I am not sure that everyone  in the van enjoyed it (at times the car was awkwardly quiet) but hey, I wasn’t about to let anyone else’s attitude hurt my good time! I felt a little bad for Jose who was trying to keep everyone engaged. The van was a little hot as the air conditioning was struggling to keep up so perhaps some were bothered by this.

Our tour started with a drive through the market area where many of the locals would go to buy the things they needed for day-to-day living.

Even the chickens get a tan in Acapulco!

Yep…. that’s a pig’s head…. not sure how you cook that!

After the tour of the Open Market, Jose took us up the mountain where we pulled over for some spectacular views of Acapulco Bay.

After this stop we made our way toward the Chapel of Peace. Along the way we stopped for a few more great views of some of the rich and famous homes.

The Chapel of Peace, located in one of the most exclusive areas of Acapulco and was given to the city by the Trouyet family who were native to the city. The Chapel which stands 1250 ft above sea level is a non-denominational church that opened to the public in 1970. The 128 ft cross that stands beside this church can be seen throughout Acapulco and is said to have been visited by every person coming to Acapulco since it was built in 1970 as a tribute to the two son’s of Mr. and Mrs. Trouyet who died in an accident in 1967. Next to the cross, is a smaller statue of two right hands joining together to signify brotherhood.

The views from this location of Acapulco were breathtaking and something to behold!

 As I said above, the views from this location were spectacular.

Next stop on this tour would be the famous La Quebrada Cliff divers. Waiting to greet us at this site was Rudy who had reserved a great spot for us to view the divers from. The cliff divers have come to represent this city itself. This was the attraction we had waited to see. We arrived for the 1 p.m show. Only a few minutes after we settled into our spots the divers took to the waters below. The divers would then swim across the crevice with the waves of the Pacific crashing around them and head for the wall where they would climb the 148 ft cliffs to the top. Along the wall of the Cliff they would stand and then one by one and sometimes two by two begin their plummet to the crashing surf below. The show itself did not last that long. The climb seemed to take longer. The sun was hot and beating down on us but the sweat was worth the wait. This was truly a memory we will have for a very long time.

 After the cliff divers we headed back to the ship for some beer and food. I then headed out to explore the area around the cruise port.

Once back on the ship the sun was starting to set and so I headed back to dcek 11 to capture the setting sun over Acapulco.

After the sunset it was time to get ready for another evening aboard the Infinity. So far none of the nights had missed our expectations and we looked forward to more fun at dinner and in the lounges. The show tonight was the “Future of Magic” starring Dale Scott and Ana. The show was pretty good but nothing really over the top but it did on occasion leave you with a “how did he do that?” thought. After the show we had our pre-dinner cocktails in the Rendezvous Lounge (pictures of all lounges will come).

After dinner guess where we headed? If you said Deck 11, then clearly you have followed my review. Tonight was another theme party in the Constellation Lounge and this celebration was a combination of Mexican and Country music. Yes, it was Country and Western Night with a Mexican twist. There would also be a Mexican Buffet. As we had just finished dinner the buffet was not on our agenda…. the drinks on the other hand…as always were!

Well Acapulco was everything we had expected and more. The weather to the scenery to the night life onboard Infinity left us with a WOW of a day. Tomorrow, we would be in Huatuclo, Mexico.

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