Cruising the Panama Canal – Sea Day #2

The following is a travelogue of the our journey from the Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida via the Panama Canal almost one year ago. If you’re at all interested or thinking of a cruise I hope that my adventures will help you make that decision. This travelogue was written for a cruising web site. I have made a few edits to hopefully make things a little clearer for this Blog.

After an extremely late night, I had a bit of a sleep in today. Didn’t get up until 8 am. I  hate to miss a second on a cruise ship.  My wife and I especially enjoy sea days on a cruise. There is so much to do or absolutely nothing to do depending on your wish at any particular moment.  As usual, we headed right up to Deck 10 and the Oceanview Café.  After breakfast, we would head to our usual spot on Deck 11 near the mast bar. The weather today is very warm, the sun is shining and the Bloody Mary’s are flowing. As you look out at the ocean, the water is almost like glass. My plan for today was easy… do nothing but lay around …maybe take some photos of the outdoor decks and of course put my new fitness plan into action! If you recall from earlier post’s I only made it to the gym once…I had a new fitness plan and today was the day it would begin. On Deck 11 of Infinity, you will find a walking track. Ten laps of the track and you walk one mile.  My plan was simple. Get a drink at the mast bar, then take a lap! With each lap I would have to pass the mast bar and well… I would need to refuel and take some liquid along for the lap (fitness tip #1 – never exercise without sufficient liquid). The perfect exercise plan for the perfect vacation! As I walked my laps, I also took a few snapshots of deck 10 and 11 along the way. It’s really is amazing how large these vessels really are.

Smooth waters on a perfect for a day of cruising.

Anyone feel like some Shuffle Board?

If you’ve been paying attention to this story you will recall I made reference to the windows in the Oceanview Cafe and how they jutted out over the water. Here is an example looking down from deck 11:

Starboard Deck 11

Tennis Courts on Deck 12

Heading down to the Oceanview grill outdoor bar

After a full day and once the sun had set, we headed back to the room and the evening was upon us. We decided to try Micheal’s the Martini Bar before dinner tonight. The Bar was packed and clearly a popular spot (more on this in another post). After a few drinks, we made our way to the Trellis restaurant and dinner. After dinner it was back up to the Constellation Lounge for the decades party with the Party Band “Fusion wave”. Tonight’s theme saw the band playing numbers from the 1950’s right through to the 80’s. Once again, the lounge was packed and everyone was having a blast.  A full and complete day to say the least.  As I said at the start of this, sea days are our favourite moments on a cruise ship. We would enjoy four more of these before we hit Miami.

Here are a few more pics from sea day #2 from around the ship.

My wife caught this shot of me as I was ‘exercising’ on the track.

Next stop…. Acapulco, Mexico


2 thoughts on “Cruising the Panama Canal – Sea Day #2

  1. That certainly is a beautiful ship. We’ve been on ‘The Pride of Bilbao, from Portsmouth (south of England) to Bilbao (north of Spain several times. It takes 36 hours and we enjoy the choice of restaurants and entertainment, including a casino, even though we are not gamblers. My dream cruise is around the Greek Islands, as I love the Mediterranean.
    I am really enjoying reading your travelling blogs and looking at the pictures, so keep posting them, please.

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