Cruising the Panama Canal – Port of Call – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Pt. 2

Well as you will recall we had just arrived on Lovers Beach.

We spent the next 3 hours at the beach. We had arranged for our water taxi to return to get us around 3 pm. The sand on the beach was extremely soft and very clean. We were advised not to swim on the Pacific side, as the waves were high and the undertow was very powerful. We did venture over to the Pacific side but did not go to deep into the water. On the Sea of Cortiz side we had a great time relaxing, swimming and doing some snorkeling. Below are some more pictures from our adventures at this beach.

The waters around lovers beach were full of colourful fish including a few stingrays. Just off the beach, you could swim out and find colorful fish including stingrays buried in the floor of the sea. I snapped a few underwater pictures of the what we saw as we took turns swimming in the crystal clear mexican waters. We had our own gear but you could also rent some gear on the beach if you needed.

Our water taxi arrived as scheduled, then we headed back for more solid ground and took a look around some of the shops and the area around the port. This is a nice little port however, again I have to say, the amigos can be very bothersome if you’re not ready for it. They are constantly asking if they can help you then of course looking for the tip in the hat. As I stated earlier, if you politely pass them on their way they would move on. Prior to heading back to the ship we grabbed a local beer and some margarita’s. I found Cabo to be a nice little place and would definitely go back.  In fact, I just might sooner than you think. Here are some photos from around the town of Cabo.

As we headed back to the Infinity the activity on the water continued to abound with rafters, sightseers and parasailing.


Once back on the Infinity, we headed for deck 10 and a bite to eat. I headed for the Pizza station. The Pizza on this ship was the best. They had the regular pizza like pepperoni, cheese and vegetable and they always had a special of the day. The variety was great and I made a stop here each day. After some pizza and few drinks we headed out on deck to watch the sunset and get ready for the sail-away. While we were in Cabo, the Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas was also in Port.  As we were sailing out of Cabo, another ship was just arriving. It was the Crystal Symphony which we had seen in L.A before we left. After the sunset and we had sailed away for Cabo San Lucas it was time to get ready for our evening.

After a nice shower and a quick nap (always required after a day of sun fun and well drinks…), we headed out for our night on the ship and late dinner (which we love by the way). We started the evening by heading to the theater. Tonight’s show was the musings of comedian Glenn Hirsch. Normally, I don’t care for a full show of the comedian as I feel they go on too long. Overall, this guy was pretty good. He did the typical routines of buffet lines and the amount of food cruisers eat, he played with the audience a bit and did manage to hold my attention for the most part.  I would give him a 6 out of 10 on this night.

After the show we had our pre-dinner drinks in the rendezvous lounge and watched folks dancing to the Celebrity orchestra. We had yet another amazing dinner although a few of our table mates were in the S.S. United States Dining room for dinner tonight. That is the specialty restaurant onboard Infinity.  After dinner we headed to the Constellation Lounge on Deck 11 for the Dance party. The theme this evening was 50’s and 60’s music party and the event started off with a very fun game of “name that tune”. The lounge was full and it was hard to find a seat. The night went late with the party band “Fusion Wave”. I think I may have spoken about these folks before but they are probably the best party band I have yet to see on any cruise ship. After a few more hours in the Lounge, we called it a night. The time was changing tonight so we were losing an hour… god knows we needed every hour we could find on this trip.

As I close the chapter on Cabo San Lucas, I leave you with some last sunset shots of this beautiful port. Tomorrow would be a sea day…. after today we needed it! Once again.. thanks for coming along on this journey.


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