Cruising the Panama Canal – Port of Call – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The following is a travelogue of the our journey from the Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida via the Panama Canal almost one year ago. If you’re at all interested or thinking of a cruise I hope that my adventures will help you make that decision. This travelogue was written for a cruising web site. I have made a few edits to hopefully make things a little clearer for this Blog.

First of all, sorry for taking so long to get to the next part of my review… I just hate it when life and responsibilities get in the way of updating my blog and with Christmas around the corner life is busy busy busy… Now back to my journal….

Today was our first Port day.  The first of 6 stops along the way. My day started as usual with visit to the Oceanview Café and some breakfast. One thing I loved about the Oceanview Café is that no matter where you sit, you have a great view of the water. There are some sections that are ’rounded’ out and if your lucky enough to get one of these spots the views are fabulous. There are also windows in the floor that look directly down at the ocean passing by.  It’s very exciting to see.

We were not scheduled to arrive in Cabo until 10 am. Cabo is a tender port. It’s a tiny rustic and remote fishing village that seemed to be growing very nicely. The coast line of Cabo San Lucas is beautiful and offers many wonderful spots  for snorkeling, whale watching and various water activities. On this day we would enjoy a little of it all.  After breakfast we freshened up a bit and then headed to Deck 11 to revel in the excitement of sailing into our first port. The scenery was stunning and left you with a feeling of awe. Of course, Cabo is very well-known for the area called “Lands End” with its famous natural “El Arco de Cabo San Lucas”.

A few more shots from the sail into port:

Lovers beach: Water on both sides of this beautiful spot. The far side was the Pacific Ocean and the front side is the Sea of Cortez

Craig and my wife Vanda as we started to get ready to head to shore:

As the ship coasted into the bay we were able to see the arch at ‘Lands End’ from all angles. I found this very exciting and an epic photo opportunity. Once the ship was in place, the anchor dropped and we were all cleared to head onto shore. We then headed down to the Celebrity Theater where we would receive our tender tickets. We did not have a ship excursion planned for this port. Our plan for the day was to take a water taxi for a tour and then spend some time at ‘Lovers Beach” before exploring this quint little fishing village. The tender process was excellent. We arrived in the theater and were given a ticket tender for group 4. The tender ride into shore was approx. 20 minutes. All in all, we were on shore by 10:30. I found the tender process to be very efficient. Once on shore, we started the search for a water taxi. There were vendors and people trying to sell you tours with every turn you made. Some were aggressive but most would leave you alone once you politely told them no. When we finally reached the taxi we wanted, we did a deal for $15 each and the driver would take us out for a water tour and then drop us at Lovers beach for as long as we wanted. The water taxi had a glass bottom running up the middle and you could see many colorful fish as we cruised around towards lands end. The tour lasted about an hour and we saw an abundance of wildlife. The area is filled with Sea Lions, Pelicans and we were lucky enough to see 3 or 4 whales.

After the tour, we headed for Lovers Beach. As I said earlier, Lovers beach is a patch of land near lands end with a beautiful hidden cove surrounded by water on both sides. The only way to this beach is via water taxi. The taxi takes you in as close as possible and then you have to jump out of the boat and walk for about 5-10 feet in the water (shallow) onto the beach. I should warn folks at this point to be ready to be bombarded by the local amigos looking to carry your belongings, help you out of the boat and of course holding their hat out for a contribution to the family fund. We were prepared for this so all was not that bad really. You may also want to bring some food or drink with you as not much was available once on the beach. There were some amigos selling water and beer but I don’t recall much food being available.

Just before we landed on the beach, I noticed a great reflection of the area in Vanda’s sunglasses so I quickly snapped these pics:

Lovers Beach:

Well that is all I have the time for today so I will get the rest of our time in Cabo up soon…. Thanks for following….


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