Cruising the Panama Canal – Sea Day #1

The following is a travelogue of the our journey from the Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida via the Panama Canal almost one year ago. If you’re at all interested or thinking of a cruise I hope that my adventures will help you make that decision. This travelogue was written for a cruising web site. I have made a few edits to hopefully make things a little clearer for this Blog.

After a very exciting first night on board, we woke to our first sea day of the cruise. There would be 6 more before we land in Miami in two weeks time. I woke up around 7:30 am and thought I would get things off on the right foot. Yep, that’s right…off to the gym. I had committed to myself that I would do my best to hit the gym each and everyday. Little did I know, this would be the only occasion I would make it in there. The Fitness facility was actually very crowded and it did take some time to find a treadmill. The gym itself was pretty large and could be found at the front of the ship on Deck 10. I did find the gym to be well equipped and in good condition. As I said before, I only made it here once … I came up with a better exercise plan which I will talk about a bit later.
After a workout, I went back to the room had a quick shower and then headed for the Oceanview Café for some breakfast with my wife. My usual cruise breakfast is some scrambled eggs, corned beef hash, some sausage a bit of fruit and a bowl of oatmeal. For the record, when at home breakfast usually consists of a simple bowl of cereal… why do we feel the need to eat so much on a cruise?… and me only hitting that gym once!

We spent a good part of the morning getting familiar with the ship and also meeting some people as we roamed around.  Before we know it, it was time for a little bit of lunch and then we would be off to chill and relax for the rest of the afternoon. I spent my time on a deck chair on Deck 11 (Sunrise Deck) just off from the corner by the Mast Bar. My afternoon was spent with my Ipod, people watching and of course ocean watching. We did break for a bit from the sun tanning to take part in the battle of the sexes game. Of course the women won this round….. or did we let them? When the women win we all win!
If you’re at all familiar with cruising then you have no doubt heard about the infamous chair hogs on cruises. These are the people who feel the need to reserve their chairs on the open deck and then just walk off and do other things. Often chairs will stay vacant for hours on end. This cruise saw no shortage of this. I can understand when folks grab a chair and head off to get something and then come right back, but in most cases in my opinion, this is just plain rude and inconsiderate. I did notice however, that the pool butlers were very diligent in opening these chairs up for other passengers in search of a comfy spot to relax! Not sure what it is that makes folks think they own the chair!

Here a few shots from the afternoon on the Sunrise deck (11) and the Resort deck (deck 10):

As the day was coming to a close we headed into the Constellation Lounge for a few more drinks and then to watch the sunset on the Pacific Ocean as we chugged our way toward Cabo San Lucas.

After a shower and a quick snooze, we headed out to the Rendez-vous Lounge for a few pre-dinner drinks and some formal night dancing. We would come to love this lounge and spend almost every evening here for our pre-dinner drinks. We had a fantastic time on this formal night. Our dinner mates were great and our table was full of laughter and fun every night. In fact, we may have been a bit bothersome to some of those around us. On the other hand, I am sure most wanted to join us. Our waiter, Iketut and his helper Mario were great and clearly enjoyed serving us as we enjoyed having them serve us. We all looked after them well in the end (tipping on a cruise ship can enhance your vacation value immensely).

After Dinner, we headed for the 10:45 Broadway show in the Celebrity Theater on Deck 4. Once again, this was some great entertainment and kudos to the singers and dancers. I didn’t get any pictures of this show as they asked at the start to refrain from taking pictures or video. I respected that (this time). The show ran through some of the best known Broadway hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and right up to present day. This reviewer gives them two thumbs up….

Our evening ended in the Constellation Lounge singing and dancing to the music of the party band “Fusion Wave”. More on this group later, but I would pay to see them. Extremely good! The day had been full and our first sea day aboard Infinity was a successful event. As we headed to sleep this night we anxiously awaited our morning arrival in Cabo San Lucas.

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