Christmas tradition In Toronto

It’s a tradition that has existed for close to 100 years.  For decades, The Hudson’s Bay Company at Yonge Street and Queen Street present a  special Christmas display in their windows to celebrate the holiday season. As a child, I can recall heading into the city to see the displays with my parents. As life progressed forward, I would take my own children to see the displays. My story is not unlike many other Torontonians. Indeed, the Bay Christmas windows are a common bond that many can  share.
The nostalgic and sentimental artistic animations along Queen Street have been  around since 1914 and past themes have been Victorian, futuristic and a variety  of others.  During the 1970s and 1980s, two major giants, The Bay and The  Simpsons, actually competed with their Christmas window decorations. These scenes are filled with comfort and color.  As you stroll by the windows the views are matched with the sound of Christmas carols. If you can’t make it to Toronto to see them fear not….. enjoy the slide show.


3 thoughts on “Christmas tradition In Toronto

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I took the photo’s around 11 pm so the traffic would be minimized thus reducing some of the reflection as cars passed by. I also tried to shoot from a low angle and off to the side rather than straight on where I found the reflections to be the worst.

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