Build it and they will come….

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon in my neck of the woods today.  A lazy day for sure. We had a very late night on Saturday as we went to a house party and danced well into the wee hours of the morning. So I am glad that today is a bit of a wash. A day of recovery, after a fun night out, is more of a necessity and not a choice as we grow older. That’s not a complaint by any means, just a fact.

I have thought a lot about this blog and how I can make it more interesting for those that do find my little corner of the world-wide web. I have called the blog, This…That… and whatever else I can think of. The problem is I can’t think of anything. I am not even a writer and well… I have writers block! It really does take a lot of thought and work to do this . Thinking of words to write hoping that people will actually be interested in reading can take over your thought process in whatever you do. I find myself, as I am out and about  living my daily life looking for ideas to write about. Looking for things that strike me or impact my view in some way. The hope of course, is that maybe… just maybe if I find it interesting so might you. I compare this search to how I view the photography I do (which I will start to show on here). In order to take interesting photographs, you have to learn to see. It becomes an art, the art of seeing. Being able to see, means using your senses, your intellect and your emotions. It’s about looking at your subject or rather encountering your subject with your whole being. I suppose writing would be the same. Spontaneity and creativity are key to a successful photograph. I wonder, can the same be applied to writing a blog?

Over the years, as I have built my photography experience, my observation skills are, well very keen to my surroundings. I suppose, if I  apply these same principles to my search for ideas for the blog then this could turn out to be some very interesting reading.  You will ultimately be the judge. I will stick with the premise from that classic movie “Field of Dreams”, if I build it they will come!

Enjoy your Sunday….. or whats left of it .


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