Busy Busy Busy and Women in the Shower

Hey folks… I am one busy guy today but I don’t want you thinking I just don’t have time for you because I do. I am just checking in to say ‘here I am’ and ‘hang in there’.. I am planning something really good to blog on… well ok maybe not really good but I am planning something.

In the meantime, I read an article today about a recent study on how women spend their time in the shower (yeah they really fund these kind of things … no wonder our society is all #*!$ed up). So let me leave you with some of the riveting findings.

1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 49 were asked about their showering habits and they divulged for example, that 65% of  women have used the shower for a romantic encounter and 50% of women  have cleaned their shower while sudsing up their bodies. This of course, just proves that women sure are good at multi-tasking.

Some other interesting facts or not:

– 46% of women stated they have come up with a brilliant idea in the shower.

– 64% of women indicated they wash their hair every time they take a shower

– 73% of women shower at least once a day for an average of 15 minutes

– 30 minutes is the average length of the longest shower women take

– 95% of women tend to follow the same routine when showering.

Some other interesting points in the report showed that women do not necessarily have an allegiance to one particular brand of shampoo, 95% are willing to change and 65% are not happy with the results of their current choice is hair cleaner. Notwithstanding this stat, 68% prefer to use matching shampoo and conditioner while 41% share their shampoo with a spouse or other family member.

So… did we learn anything? What would your shower routine be?

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