Welcome to Saturday….

Ahh… Saturday, my day of relaxation and personal solitude after a rather interesting week. I have a full agenda for today, a visit to the eye doctor (apparently my arms are just not long enough to see whatever I am reading) and then off to meet up with my brother-in-law at a local pub for our weekly ritual of a few beers while we watch the Wolverines game. GO BLUE!

I have no idea what the day will hold for me after that, so maybe the day is not as full as I thought.  I know, I will be returning later to read some blogs, learn a few more things about this whole blogging world, and probably work on some of my photography. I am finding this blogging is addictive, even if no-one has yet to discover me in the great big world of WordPress. Perhaps, I will post a blog later on with some pictures, a little story about my family, who we really are and some of my travels. My first few Blogs this week, have mostly been around the Inequality fight that is shaping our current society. Sometimes, we need to just step back and forget some of the trials or tribulations we are facing, if only for a few hours. So my next writing will be something different, hopefully riveting and certainly interesting. You be the judge.

Below you will find a Video from Michael Franti that I would like to leave you all with (well anyone who actually reads this blog). It’s called “The Sound of the Sunshine”. If your feeling like you need a little pick up today, then hopefully this song will help you, if only for a few minutes. So sit back, close your eyes, hear the words and imagine the warmth of the sunshine upon your everyday existence. I guarantee you will feel better.  If you do…leave me a comment or a ‘like’ (is that begging?) to let me know you’re out there. Till next time… have a great day!


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